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So blunt that it hurts.


Choice is a band which, it can be said, was born out of coincidence or God's mercy. After numerous changes in the band, the present line-up was finally settled. Choice plays modern heavy thrash/metal .In 2002 they recorded their debut album "Boiling Blood" (Joh Knife Prod. '02). As they claim, the material on it is "so blunt that it hurts, because laughter is only a mask". They produce music "screaming for the need of the real, about inability to deal with painful reality, about the torments and pleasures of existence".

The material was warmly welcomed mostly by the audience, as the critics regarded it as an old - fashioned, or did not pay any attention to it, as it was released by a small, independent company. Yet all of the concerts occurred to be a huge success. Choice toured Poland with heavy metal giants like Turbo, Ceti and Vader, and played numerous gigs on their own with other young Polish metal, punk and hip hop squats. Last autumn the band was invited to play a concert in Paris, France, wchich was also a nice event for about two hundred people present.

Right now the band is preparing the second LP, a concept album called "Pain to Remember", which will be  released propably by Oskar Productions next year.

The Band:
Paweł "kloozkha" Wasilewski - bass, mouthy sounds, stimulants
Grzegorz Hermann - Guitar leading astray, herbs
Krzysztoff Kubacki - Order guitar, liquids, menthol cigarettes
Andrzej "Qp3k" Kupczyk - drums, metal sheets, nerves

Please check out the MP3 zone for audio, FOTY for photos. You can contact us through boilingblood@wp.pl.